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This King of Vapes Knowledge Base was created from experts, customers and community members of one of the best shops for vaporizing products – King of Vapes

Basic Info About Vaporizing Products

    1.1 What are e-cigarettes and vaporizing products

Vaporizing products like e-cigarettes, vapes, vape pens, e-juice or vape accessories have been introduced many years ago. E-cigarettes gained popularity 20 or 30 years ago when they were globally marketed as “weapons” against smoking. Vaporizers, vape pens, and vape accessories are newer terms that are not that known and popular. If you have an interest in getting to know information about these types of products, then you have come to the right place. Electronic cigarettes are small devices with a heating chamber and battery. They are practically used to deliver the nicotine into the body and thus spare us from all the harmful chemicals (more than 7000 of them according to ACS) from cigarettes into our system. Vaporizers or personal vaporizer products are similar devices to electronic cigarettes that vary in sizes and the way they work. They are the type of e-cigarettes that have gained great attention in recent years as marijuana was legalized for recreational use in 4 states and somewhat legalized in 21 others. Vape Pen is a type of vaporizer. E-juice and vape accessories are supported products that offer unique vaping experience.

    1.2 E-Cigarettes Background

Although they are quite popular for decades they were first introduced back in 1963 and were patented by H.A Gilbert as smokeless non-tobacco cigarettes. However, he failed to commercialize them. It was until the early 2000s when the e-cigarettes gained global attention when Hon Lik, one critically acclaimed, but relatively unknown chemist from China, found the perfect combination of materials to assemble a product that is very similar to the contemporary e-cigarettes. Lik reportedly made the e-cigarette for his father who was a passionate smoker. What made the e-cigarettes popular back in 2006 was the fact that experts and scientist finally approved that there is no carcinogenic smoke in the e-cigarettes.

    1.3 Vaporizers Background

The history of the vaporizers is practically the same. They are not a separate product, they are just advanced and customized electronic cigarettes. They differ only in the housing, menu options, and the battery size. In the last few years, there are tons of vaporizers with different options and they are used for vaping tobacco, different types of mint, e-juice, and medical marijuana.

    1.4 E-Liquid (Basic info)

The e-liquid is basically the core of the e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes exist because of the formula used in the e-liquid. You can also find it under the term of e-juice. It is a mix of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Polyethylene Glycol 400. The mix of those 3 can be adjusted and they are usually mixed with flavors and liquid nicotine. Again, the percentages vary from producer to producer. However, there are some e-liquid options where nicotine is not used or it’s minimal.

    1.5 Benefits of using e-cigs

There are two major benefits of using e-cigarettes. The first one is that you avoid all cancer threatening substances in the tobacco and regular cigarettes. The e-cigarettes have helped millions of people to quit smoking and in a recent study, it helped around 20,000 people to quit smoking in the UK. The second one is that you can vape in closed rooms because the laws don’t forbid the vapor made from e-cigarettes. Smokers can save money too, compared to regular smoking.

    1.6 Possible Negative Health Effects (Warnings)

The only small negative effect can come from the use of nicotine. However, if the nicotine percentage is low or medium, the negative effects of using e-cigarettes are minimal.

2. Vaporizing Devices

    2.1 E-cigarette Devices

There are several electronic cigarette devices. We will list them bellow: - Pen Style E-Cigarette or cigarettes that are really similar to the real cigarette - Ego E-Cigarette or e-cigarettes that use larger batteries and are more powerful because they can include various cartomizers and atomizers. - Mechanical e-cigarettes include large battery and no internal wiring - E-cigarettes that control voltage and wattage. The first e-cigarettes enable you to control the amount of volts you send to the atomizer, whereas the second enable less overheating and better flavor and more vapor.

    2.2 Vaporizers

The personal vaporizers or personal vaporizer devices are basically e-cigarettes with improved functions and battery. They are really similar to e-cigarettes but vary in terms of options to adjust voltage, wattage, and ability to check resistance. There are four types of personal vaporizing devices: portable, pens, desktop and 3 in 1 vaporizer.

3. Vaporizing Accessories

Vaporizing accessories can significantly improve vaporization experience. They are also extremely helpful in maintaining or charging the personal vaporizing devices.

    3.1 Most used vaporizing accessories

Here are some of the most used accessories: - Grinders – small devices that grind the blends used for vaporizing - Cleaners – used to clean the vaporizing devices - Dabber Tools – another small device for cleaning and maintaining the PVD - Presses – device that applies pressure to an object to flatten it. Collects pollen dust from herb grinders. - Scales – used for precise measure - Storage – devices that vary in size and help in storage of the vaporizing devices - Detox – detox products that will help eliminate any substance you vaped - Chargers – chargers for mod/vaporizer batteries - Torches – tool for creating hot flame

4. Vape Atomizers

Atomizers are the devices that are used to heat the e-liquid. When heated, the e-liquid creates vapor. They are semi-disposable with short to medium expectancy.

5. Cartomizers

The cartomizers are a combination of atomizer and a cartridge. They are part of the e-cigarettes and are connected to a battery. They assure longer time between e-liquid refills.

6. Vape Batteries

Like in any other portable device, the batteries in the electronic cigarettes vary. They can be lithium-ion, chemistry or rechargeable batteries. The size also varies from producer to producer. 

7. Clearomizers

You should know that the only difference between clearomizers and the cartomizers is that the clearomizers enable you to see the amount of liquid you use and that they do not have filter, but instead they use silica wicks.

9. Tanks

Vaporizer tanks can get you better flavor, airflow and liquid capacity. They come in different size and materials and you can use cartomizers, dual coil cartomizers or rebuildables.

10. Rebuildables

The atomizers, tanks and cartomizers can be built by anyone. The items that are used in that process are called rebuildables.

11. Vaping techniques

In order to feel the best effects of vaping an e-cigarette you must master at least one vaping technique. There are several popular ones. - French Inhale – Technique that is not effective, but it looks impressive. You inhale then exhale the vapor, but breath it in into your lungs with your nostrils. - Puffer – Simply drag your vaping device, remove it from your mouth and inhale. - Mouth inhale – really similar to regular cigar smoking - Lung inhale – the vape goes straight into the lungs without any stop in the mouth. Deep breath into your lungs and combination of fresh air and vape. One of the best techniques to vape - Deep Lung – the most intense of all techniques. It enables you to draw the vapor down deep into the lungs. That gives a strong hit and it is recommended for the ones that want intensity.

12 E-liquid substances, what do you need to know?

The most important aspects of the e-liquid are the amounts of compounds used. Nicotine, Vegetable Glycerin and the Propylene Glycol are the core substances. Diacetyl should be totally avoided from your e-liquid.

13. Mixing

Mixing of the substances to get the perfect e-liquid or the perfect smoke is tricky. Here are some of the best places to search fro mixing techniques. - Reddit vaporizing and e-cigarettes community - King of Vapes social media (Facebook and Instagram) and website

14. Studies

There are several studies about e-cigarettes and their effects. Recent Internal Medicine and Research study showed that use of e-cigarettes reduces blood pressure and heart rate. Also, smoking e-cigarettes is much better for asthma patients, a recent study also showed.

15. Vaping Frequent Questions and Answers

    15.1 What type of e-cigarette should I get?

This is one of the most common questions with no clear answer. It depends on your needs. There are different types, models and brands.

    15.2 How much it costs?

The total vaping experience e-cigarette or vaporizers and the whole kit can cost you from $25 to $80 depending the store, brand and type of kit you choose.

    15.3 Will it save me money?

Yes, vaping will save you money. Average regular smoker spends from $1.8-5k yearly while vaping costs somewhere around $2-2.5k. Compared to regular smoking, vaping can save you up to $1.9k on a yearly basis.


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